The Darkness of Death Within

Updated: Feb 11

Traveling for work heading west, Traveling a lot, he has a lot of opportunities to meet so many people. On this day, his flight will bring him contact with someone that potentially will change his life forever. What lies beneath will determine the fate of many.

Sebastian traveling sits in an aisle seat on the airplane towards the back of the plane. Little does he know who will be sitting near him will change his life. During the boarding process, a beautiful woman dressed in a flowery pink fitted dress. The material is a light silk. The pattern of the flowers wrap in a circular descending order from the top to the bottom of the dress.She walks down the aisle with incredible grace as she looks for her assigned seat. A sea of faces she feels watches her. The women feel she's beautiful, yet some are jealous of her beauty. The men, some admire her beauty while others have a personal interest only. Yet one of the faces stands out as she lets go of the thoughts about the faces.

Alexandria finds her seat and sits down after placing her roller bag in the overhead bin. Sebastian while noticing those still boarding looks ahead at the head of Alexandria. He hopes she will turn around giving him an opportunity to make eye to eye contact.

The boarding process finishes and the door closes. Sebastian goes back to reading the material for his conference for which he is leading. Alexandria similarly reads the material for her new adventure; training to be a flight attendant. As she reads, she thinks about how thrilled yet anxious she feels. She's had many jobs, but never one like this one. The idea of traveling for a living is extremely exciting for her.

The flight has reached the halfway point. The flight has been smooth and no issues including turbulence. Now Alexandria needs a break. She's been reading for 45 minutes. Drinking has caused her to have to go to the restroom. She gets up to go to the bathroom, looking forward first then turning to the right to face the back of the plane. The restroom in the front looks to be occupied. There is one bathroom in the front and 2 in the back. She begins to walk towards the back. Out of the corner of her eye she notices a smartly dressed man sitting in an aisle seat two rows back. At the same time, Sebastian looks up noticing movement in his peripheral vision. He raises his eyes to meet Alexandria's. His green eyes met her blue. When she turned to lock onto his eyes, she felt a soft urge of excitement and interest on all levels. Sebastian similarly felt the urges expanding throughout his body. That familiar voice within was silent, as if this voice which usually has an opinion about those Sebastian maybe interested in was ambivalent. Not realizing it, Alexandria, once she saw Sebastian she stopped in the middle of the aisle. She heard no sounds. For a brief moment, the universe was about Alexandria and Sebastian.

What happens next? Do they meet? How will they meet? What is this voice from within with Sebastian? Is there something else about him? Read the blog to find out. Also visit for free downloads of music and more. More short stories right here are coming.

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