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Death or Happiness is found on a flight

Updated: Feb 17

On a flight from East to West, two incredible people meet. Their lives will be changed for ever.

On the flight, Sebastian who is traveling alone, sits in an aisle seat towards the back of the plane on the side of the left side of the plane. Who would have known this would have happened, meeting on the flight. Does this happen often? I don't believe so. I have heard of people meeting on the plane and going on to live a happy wonderful life. This meeting will have extremes, either total happiness or death.

Alexandria gets on the plane late. This gives Sebastian the opportunity to see her. There were other beautiful woman on the plane, but none woke Sebastian's internal sexual drive. He gets a lot of eyes on him as well being he's so attractive. Interest I'm sure from both sides of the river.

Because she came late, and it took her a minute to put her bags away and get settle, eyes towards the back of the plane including Sebastian was focused on her. The reason the many eyes were on her were for different reasons. Some irritated, concerned her taking a minute might cause the flight to be delayed. Some of the men likely thought she was sexy. Sebastian clearly thought she was sexy. His mind was focused on how do I meet her. It has to be before the plane lands. Finally, she had her bag put away and she was securely in her seat. By the time she was settled, he thought of a way. First step is to look into her eyes. No woman can resist his glare. It would be easy being he is seated in an aisle seat. He went back to working on his presentation. He is flying to the west coast, Los Angelos California.

Here is a very sexy man, Sebastian who is not only handsome, yet very talented and smart, owning his own business. Yet there is something about him others might be concerned about. His own internal struggles can be overwhelming and dangerous.

On the other hand, Alexandria, incredibly beautiful woman. She is now on an incredible adventure that will changer her life forever. This opportunity will give her so much independence which is what she's always wanted. Her previous career in customer service didn't allow such independence. She was under constant scrutiny. She isn't focused on meeting anyone or a relationship. Her focus is her new career. She's traveling to the west coast as well to begin her 8 week training in the airlines industry. Follow this story and enjoy the suspense, intense drama and more.

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