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He loves me, He loves me!

Being from a small town, families and children don't get to experience much except what is in their small town. In one small community a neighbor moves out and one moves in. The one home has a small girl. The other family moves in with a young boy. Their lives will go down a path that is destiny. Destiny sometimes can be confusing and dark.

The summer was amazing. Cori and Brandon went to the prom together. Brandon did the unexpected. Cori was thrilled and utterly shocked. Even more surprising was Brandon asked Cori out again and to be his girlfriend. Cori who had become very attracted to Brandon, had always from the day she understood what it meant to be attracted to someone was into Brandon. For all of this time, she resisted not knowing how Brandon felt. Brandon on the other hand, was never sure.

They were supposed to get married because they were best friends since the first day they met. Things changed . Now they both must find love. She is pretty devastated when he goes off to college without her. "We were to be together for life" she mumbled. "I know we. said that, but I can't stay home and wait for you he assented." "Will you keep in touch?" Cori whispered with a tear slowly rolling down her cheek. "Of course, nothing will keep me away from you" Brandon insisted.

The fall has arrived. Brandon and Cori have left for their prospective colleges. As well Levi has left his country to comer to America to school. For a moment, Brandon arrives and is elated but a bit nervous. This is his first time away from his small town. There is so much he is not ready for, yet he is up to the challenge. Cori on the other hand struggles because she wants to be with Brandon. Levi on the other hand is focused on adjusting to this new environment. This is so different from home

Brandon, like Cori and Levi are staying on campus. They all 3 are staying in different dorms. They each have something they're dealing with. For example, making friends for Brandon is usually pretty easy, but it has always been with Cori. So it's been mostly couples. And being it's a small community, most everyone knew them as a couple. Now he is without Cori and can't sit back and let Cori take the lead which happened frequently. She was always the more outgoing of the two.

Now, not only is he going to be the one initiating meeting others, but he'll also have a roommate. How will that go? The first day, well let's just say other students thought he was shy. He would say hello softly if someone were to say hello. Along with this adjustment was the nagging internal conflict. There were times for example he would look at people or a certain person would walk buy and internally, he would be attracted to them. Often times he would wonder why? Try to control it with out the ability to stop it. This led to immense frustration. This continue throughout the first semester until one day he met someone that helped him understand it.

It didn't take long for Cori to develop a number of female friends. Her personality dictated this. She was like a magnet to the other girls. She frequently found they had a lot in common including having someone whom she loved not with her. It was clear, she clearly loved Brandon, but when can she tell him?

While there was much to learn, the biggest challenge was being able to fulfill the diet he was used to. Coming from a different country, some foods or diets are very different. Very few restaurants offered what was close to a diet of immense protein and iron. He, Levi would make sure to navigate this challenges successfully. His success in college abroad would be dependent on it. What was different about the 3 of them, was Cori and Brandon both had roommates. Because he is studying abroad, he was able to get a room alone which suited him well.


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