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On a flight from East to West, two incredible people meet. Their lives will be changed forever.

On the flight, Sebastian Thompson, who is traveling alone sits in an aisle seat towards the back of the main cabin of the plane. Sitting approximately 2 rows forward is Alexandria .

After 2 hours into the flight, Alexandria Washington realizes she needs to use the restroom. She proceeds to get up from her seat, an aisle seat as well.

She rises from her seat, as she looks up facing the rear of the airplane, her eyes stop abruptly and rests upon a chiseled manly face with incredible green eyes. Not realizing it, she had stopped in the middle of the aisle. Fixed on her were not just the eyes, but the soul of Sebastian. For the brief moment there were no other souls around. The universe was about them.

Looking down reading his Kindle, Sebastian feels and senses the pair of soft eyes, colored blue and green focusing on him. Losing his concentration, he watches the curvy yet wonderfully colored dress and the figure underneath. Continuing to move upward, the outline of the vibrant brown hair comes into view. Without warning, electricity flares like an electric socket overloading his desires causing his sexual desires to communicate a need to respond.

She notices he is dressed smartly in a business casual suit in a dark colored blazer covering a nice dress shirt and black pants. The outfit is finished with a nice pair of black progressive styled shoes. His hair style is short, light colored with tight curls. How sexy are tight curls on a man? He showcases broad shoulders and a muscular body frame. To add to the striking presentation are pearl green eyes.

Alexandria while walking towards the bathroom becomes distracted. Sebastian is keenly aware that she is stunningly beautiful. Her hair is short with perfectly placed and cut bangs adorn the front of her head. Wavy brown hair tied in a ponytail bounce with every step. She wears a beautiful yet colorfully flowered fitted dress. This multicolored dress accentuates the defined curves and full breasts that frequently catches the eyes of men and women alike usually admiring.

Deep inside, the desire to say hello to him, was strong, but it was important to maintain the standard that she was raised with: the man always initiates hello. Her trance is interrupted by a young boy

Excuse me he says , "I have to go to the bathroom."

"I am so sorry" says a startled Alexandria. She steps to the side and allows the most polite boy to go ahead of her.

This disruption allows Alexandria to refocus and remember her initial intent, the restroom. Now both were actually occupied looking up to notice the red indicator panels. "I better get in line before I have an accident," she thinks to herself.

Without warning, Sebastian has the urge the to go to the restroom. He was so engaged into the apparent dream, he missed the message to get up and go. This was also an opportunity being she was right in front of him. Not only did he now have the opportunity to actually talk with this ray of light. Meanwhile, he took note from the back the sculpture of sexiness standing before him.

His internal nocturnal desires confirm what his eyes acknowledge. "I have to say hello. This is the opportunity I can't miss". he thinks to himself. "The worst that can happen is she won't be interested. What if I gently bump into her, pretend there is a bit of turbulence or I lose my balance? the internal discussion continues. "That's it!". He proceeds to position himself. The things we go through to meet someone.

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