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He Loves me, He Loves Me!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Cori and Brandon, two amazingly loving individuals were to have an incredible future. But something happened changing all of that. An unusual visitor in town created a complex situation in an already challenging relationship.

She is utterly devastated when he goes to college without her. "We were to be together for life "she mumbled." "I know we said that, but I can't stay. For what I wanna do, I have to go to college now. I would like to, but if I stay home and wait for you, I'll miss the opportunity I have. "I understand" she said utterly sadly. "Will you keep in touch?" asks Cori. Brandon walks closer to Cori. He tilts his head ever so lightly and kisses her softly on the lips. After kissing her which Cori relaxes during the kiss. Once he releases her from the kiss, he hugs her gently and firmly for an extended time. A few tears start to slide down Cori's right cheek. He lets her go from the hug noticing the tears. "Don't cry! you know I'll be back. I'll keep in touch. I won't leave you! Trust that!" he assured her. "I know, I just wish that you didn't have to go" she mourned. As she attempted to get control of her emotions, Brandon again hugs her tight making sure his body provides a high degree of comfort. Sadness begins to surround his heart knowing how sad she is. As they embrace, memories of them growing up together permeate her memory.

She remembers having short brown hair sitting on the front porch in a swing bench feeling the breeze go through her hair as she swings back n forth. her parents were in the house. Her mother was cooking lunch while her father was in the backyard. While swinging, a big U-Haul truck truck pulls up an parks. Both homes were a colonial style brick home. Tall double pained windows adorn the front of the house. Cori looks on as he, this man with light brown hair walks around to the back of the truck disappearing briefly.

Coming from behind the side of the truck, is a lady with long blonde wavy hair walking around from the other side of the truck. Following close behind holding her hand was a young blondish red headed boy. Brandon was the name of this young boy who was now going to be her neighbor.

The families meet and Cori and Brandon are friends for years to come. As they attended higher education, such as High School, they grow closer together. As they get close to graduation from High School, subtle things about their relationship begin to change. Is it the fear of going to college? Separation? The stress of getting into the same college for which they both want to attend.

Now the third part of this puzzle, grew up in an entirely different time, but also world. His upbringing was entirely different on all levels.

Levi grew up with an old fashion family in Europe. He grew up in a typical religious school.. He didn't have too many friends, yet he got along with his school mates.

Levi was the oldest of 3, 2 boys and a girl. They were significantly younger. Yet he had the responsibility of not only being an example for them, but also carrying on the traditions of his family. The family expectations are and were high. A part of these expectations is to get married and create his own family. What is unusual is most families don't send the oldest to another state or country find their mate. Most go to different places to find better resources. Could this be twofold? All through school, he performed with honors in all he did. Can he do this in another country? His father Sir Leviticus and his wife Guenavive. This family in their community has been a beacon of respect. What will it be like for him in America?

Now Brandon is off to college, what does that mean for Cori?

The disappointment for Cori is that they are not at the same college as Brandon. The good thing is they will see each other during college breaks. Brandon on the other hand is focused on other things so not as concerned about not seeing Cori.

Levi, attending the same college as Cori is focused on transitioning from his country. What is he facing? The funny thing is all three each have challenges of their own. Cori is transitioning to a new school, away from home without her childhood friend for whom the plan was to be together. Brandon is dealing with transitioning to college while managing internal feelings he never experienced before. Would these feelings cause the emotional separation from Coir? And Levi is dealing with not just being in a different place, but also finding the life partner. With the fall here, how will the transition go?

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